Empower Your Workplace: A Guide to Suggesting Free Period Care at Work

At Riley, we are passionate about menstrual equity and ensuring that everyone has access to the period care products they need. We believe that workplaces play a crucial role in supporting menstrual health and hygiene, and we're here to empower you to make a difference in your workplace.

Fiona, Áine & Lauren
Co-Founders of Riley

Here are the steps you can take to broaching the subject of menstrual policies and free period care at work:


1. Start the Conversation

Many employers may not realise the importance of introducing menstrual policies and providing free period care products in the workplace. By starting a conversation with your HR department or employer, you can raise awareness about this important issue and advocate for change.


2. State the Facts

Only 12% of companies provide support for menstruation and menstrual health. This lack of support can results in:
  • 79% of people with periods feeling unsupported in relation to their period at work
  • 85% of people with periods have experienced stress or anxiety when managing their period at work
  • 86% of people with periods have started their period at work unexpectedly without the supplies they need
  • 79% of people with periods have been forced to use toilet paper or other materials as a makeshift pad
  • More than 1 in 10 say their menstrual cycle has had an impact on career progression

Work is stressful enough as it is without having to worry about managing our periods too. Menstrual policies and free period care in the workplace is the best way to ensure employees and colleagues feel at ease.


3. Highlight the Benefits:

Free period care products not only support the health and well-being of employees but also contribute to a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture. By providing these essential products, employers can improve employee morale, productivity, and retention rates.
According to recent studies, we are seeing that Workplace DEI Initiatives are not just “doing the right thing” but they’re having a genuine impact on business performance. Almost half (47%) of companies do not have a DEI initiative in place but those that do have seen: 

  • A 20% increase in engagement
  • A 17% increase in performance
  • An 87% decrease in the likelihood employees will leave the organisation

Comparing these statistics with the ones at the beginning of this press release tell us that introducing DEI initiatives, including menstrual health policies, should be a no-brainer for all organisations wishing to stimulate increased levels of productivity and performance from their employees.


4. Share Our Resources:

As a period care company whose aim is to educate and make the lives of menstruators better, we're here to support your advocacy efforts. Feel free to utilise our resources, including data, case studies, and testimonials, to strengthen your argument and demonstrate the positive impact of free period care in the workplace.
Here’s a few of our testimonials to show the success other organisations have seen after introducing Riley: 

"Of all the Diversity and Inclusion initiatives we have launched in the last few years, Riley has had the most tangible and immediate response from our employees"
- Natasha Mosscrop, Head of D&I Europe at Kerry Group

“At PwC we pride ourselves in creating an equal, inclusive and diverse working environment. We are delighted to collaborate with Riley on this important initiative which underpins our commitment to sustainability, gender equality and cultivating a workplace that supports our people’s health and wellbeing.”
- Emma Scott, PwC Ireland’s People Partner

“The feedback from colleagues has been really positive & it's a wonderful opportunity to make our colleagues' lives a little easier with the Riley x Merck initiative.”
- Sharon Kennedy, Site Administrator at Merck

“Love seeing such high-quality products in our office space! One less thing to worry about during that time of the month, especially when working long hours. It's fantastic to see that your employer cares about having top-quality products!! (Also it always helps to have cute and discreet packaging too ❤️)” 
- Employee of Citi Bank UK


5. Address Concerns:

Anticipate any concerns or objections your employer may have, such as cost implications, sustainable options or logistical challenges. 

At Riley, we understand that each workplace is unique, and so are its needs. That's why we offer customisable period care solutions tailored to fit the specific requirements of your office environment. We have options that align with your company's values and sustainability goals and our team is committed to working closely with yours to address all unique challenges and opportunities.

We like to mention the fact that Riley costs approximately €2 per month per product user, which equates to about one coffee per month per employee! 


6. Collaborate for Change:

Approach the conversation as a collaborative effort, emphasising the shared goal of creating a workplace that values and supports menstrual health. Together with your employer, we can work towards implementing a sustainable and impactful period care program that meets the needs of all employees.

Not only that, but our award-winning period products are made with 100% certified organic cotton and are independently certified by GOTS, a globally recognised standard. By providing GOTS certified products you can help to ensure compliance with all 17 Sustainable Development Goals contributing to your organisations sustainability agendas. 


7. Celebrate Success:

Once free period care is introduced in your workplace, celebrate the achievement and recognise the positive impact it has on employees' lives. 

As advocates for workplace wellness and sustainability, we stand by you in your efforts to create positive change within your organisation. Whether you're championing diversity and inclusion initiatives, promoting employee well-being, or advocating for sustainable practices, we're here to amplify your voice and support your endeavours with educational resources and support.

Riley will happily work with Internal Women’s Networks, Sustainability Teams and others to promote the new partnership.


8. Stay Engaged:

Keep the momentum going by staying engaged with your employer and advocating for continued support for period care initiatives. Together, we can ignite lasting change and ensure that every workplace is a supportive environment for menstrual health and hygiene.

At Riley, we are committed to empowering individuals and workplaces to prioritise menstrual health and hygiene. Together, let's make a difference and create a workplace where everyone has access to the period care products they need.

Email us at wholesale@weareriley.com for more information.